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Ancient bones, modern problems: One scientist's trash is another scientist's data
Learn how scientists reuse and upcycle their data, while following graduate student Maria Viteri as she investigates ancient and modern small mammal communities.

How Science Works web interactive
This interactive journaling tool allows students and educators to document, annotate, and reflect upon their own and others' scientific research process.

How Science Works, on iTunes
How does the real process of science really work? Gain a new perspective of the dynamic process of science and how it relates to you with this iTunes U course co-produced by the California Academy of Sciences.

Cells within cells: An extraordinary claim with extraordinary evidence
An extraordinary claim with extraordinary evidence Learn how an unlikely idea — that the merging of cells played a prominent role in evolution — overcame strong initial resistance within the scientific community and came to be an accepted part of evolutionary theory.

The structure of DNA: Cooperation and competition
Knowing the structure of DNA has helped push biology into new realms. Find out how the human side of science played out in this remarkable discovery.

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