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Found 4 resources at the 9-12 grade level for the concept: Scientists are influenced by their personal experiences and cultures. (NOS7)

imageThe checks lab
Students construct plausible scenarios to explain a series of canceled bank checks. They revise their original hypotheses with new evidence and learn how human values and biases influence observation and interpretation.

Audience: 9-12

Source: ENSI

Resource type: classroom activity

imageThe story behind the science
Thirty stories spanning five disciplines help students explore key science concepts through the eyes of the scientists who were involved, while emphasizing the nature and process of science.

Audience: 9-12

Source: Iowa State University

Resource type: article

imageFrom city girl to naturalist
This Science Short illustrates how scientists are shaped by their personal experiences in the context of research about fossil insects.

Audience: 9-12

Source: UCMP

Resource type: Science Short

imageAncient bones, modern problems: One scientist's trash is another scientist's data
Learn how scientists reuse and upcycle their data, while following graduate student Maria Viteri as she investigates ancient and modern small mammal communities.

Audience: 9-12

Source: UCMP

Resource type: research profile

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