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Found 2 resources at the 6-8 grade level for the concept: Accepted scientific theories are not tenuous; they must survive rigorous testing and be supported by multiple lines of evidence to be accepted. (P6, NOS4)

imageIntroducing the Understanding Science Flowchart to middle school students
Students read a story about Walter Alvarez and then plot his scientific journey on the Understanding Science Flowchart. Students find that science is seldom a linear story.

Audience: 6-8

Source: UCMP

Resource type: classroom activity

imageScientific Process: The mysteries of life with Tim and Moby
How does science work? This animated video introduces key ideas using the story of the how science uncovered the link between the dinosaur extinction and a massive asteroid impact.

Audience: 6-8

Source: BrainPOP

Resource type: video

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