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Mystery boxes for grades 3-5


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Working in groups, students pose explanations (hypotheses) for what they are observing and are asked to test their hypotheses. These procedures have been modified from Mystery Boxes: Uncertainty and Collaboration by Jean Beard.

Janulaw, Sharon


Nature and Process of Science

one class period

Correspondence to the Next Generation Science Standards is indicated in parentheses after each relevant concept. See our conceptual framework for details.

  • Scientists ask and address questions. (P1, P3, NOS4)

  • Scientists base their ideas on evidence from the natural world. (P3)

  • Scientific ideas may change with new evidence. (NOS3)

  • Scientists observe, explore, discover, and communicate with one another.

  • Scientists don't always agree with one another. (P7)

  • Scientists explain their ideas and evidence to one another. (P7, P8)

  • Scientists work together.

  • Problem-solving and decision-making benefit from a scientific approach.

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