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  Understanding Science 101: Contents
I. Understanding Science 101: An overview
A quick overview of Understanding Science 101 that offers a definition of science and how it affects our lives.

II. What is science?
This section describes what makes science science.

III. How science works
The Scientific Method, as presented in many textbooks, is oversimplified. See how science really works.

IV. The core of science: Relating evidence and ideas
See how scientific testing works and how a scientific argument is built.

V. The social side of science: A human and community endeavor
Science is a community endeavor.

VI. Science and society
Science is embedded in, and influenced by, the broader society.

VII. What has science done for you lately?
Science affects our everyday lives in many ways.

VIII. A scientific approach to life: A science toolkit
Uncover the real meaning of media messages about science and evaluate the science behind policies.



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